About Region V

Make A Friend

By means of our initiative

Be A Friend

By making them want our ‘living together’

Bring that Friend to Christ

By showing them that the maximum proof of our friendship is making them friends with Christ

2019 National Encounter Thursday, July 18 – Sunday July 21, 2019.


Detail your services


 75th Anniversary of the First Cursillo in Mallorca!

The registration for the 29thNational Encounter is now open! Please visit our National Cursillo website to register or click on the button below.

The 29th National Encounter will be held on July 18-21, 2019 at the University of Scranton – a beautiful Jesuit University, which is centrally located in Northeast region of Pennsylvania and 8 miles from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport (AVP). 

We will joyfully celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the First Cursillo in Mallorca at this special Encounter! It is expected to be a fully packed event with special guests from Mallorca, hundreds Cursillistas, both clergy and laypersons, from the United States’ Cursillo multiple language groups of English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.

                                                                     You can't miss it!


Region V to Host NACG/EC & OMCC

 Need Your Help!

1. Preparing, Serving and perhaps hosting a meal (mainly dinner)

2. Providing Rides and Tours of Chicago landmarks

3. Sponsoring a restaurant dinner/meal (i.e. Chicago Style Pizza)

4. Entertainment that represents the diversity in our Cursillo Movement in the United States; more specifically

Region V area (Mexican, Polish, American, etc.)

Interested? Download the Invitation before for more information

NACG Region 5 Invitation (pdf)